CSS Display Property

IE5 Mac Test Suite

The goal of this test is to identify presentation quirks of the CSS display property by determining which values will cause a containing <div> to collapse as far as its contents will allow–specifically in IE5 on the Mac.

Each logo instance below is contained in a <div> which uses a unique display property. Every known value for the display property was tested to determine if any values would result in the desired behavior.

The results indicate that display:inline-table is the only known value for the display property that will cause a block element, such as a div, to shrink to fit an object it contains. If you are viewing this page with IE5.x on a Mac running OS 9, you should only see a complete, intact drop shadow on the instance below that uses display:inline-table.

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Version 1: table

1a: table-caption

1b: table-cell

1c: table-column

1d: table-column-group

1e: table-footer-group

1f: table-header-group

1g: table-row

1h: table-row-group

2: compact

3: inline

4: inline-table


5: list-item

6: marker

7: run-in