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New features in CSS3 and HTML5 allow web developers to build increasingly elegant websites using very clean and semantic markup. It offers them exciting features like localStorage, and using advanced CSS3 techniques to style it all. Sadly, it isn't quite as simple as that; the many different levels of support for all these features across the entire browser landscape has given many developers a headache. Since aspirin can't be distributed via https, alternative solutions had to be created. One such solution is Modernizr, a library that detects the availability of features in the current browser and makes that information available to the web developer.


Modernizr is an open source JavaScript library that aims to make the process of using the latest and greatest technologies on the web a little easier. With Modernizr, you can target CSS and JavaScript specifically based on each feature the current browser supports.

Photo of audience seats in an auditorium-like formation, resembling a 3-dimensional representation of the Modernizr logo.

Here is a list of the features Modernizr detects:

  1. applicationCache
  2. border-image:
  3. border-radius:
  4. box-shadow:
  5. Canvas
  6. Canvas Text
  7. CSS 2D Transforms
  8. CSS 3D Transforms
  9. CSS Animations
  10. CSS Columns
  11. CSS Gradients
  12. CSS Reflections
  13. CSS Transitions
  14. @font-face
  15. Geolocation API
  16. hsla()
  17. HTML5 Audio
  18. HTML5 Video
  19. Input Attributes
  20. Input Types
  21. localStorage
  22. Multiple backgrounds
  23. opacity:
  24. rgba()
  25. sessionStorage
  26. Web Workers

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